2008, 2019

Why Do I have White Spots on My Teeth?

It’s not an uncommon occurrence to look in the mirror and find you have stains on your teeth. And these stains can come in many different colors. They may be brown, yellow or even a temporary bright blue or red from eating brightly colored foods or candy. However, what if these discolorations are white? Where do these white spots come from and what can be done about them? Too Much [...]

1907, 2019

There are no Vacations from Oral Hygiene

Summer is here and with it comes family vacations, camping, traveling, and exploring new places. These are an exciting next few months, but before you leave we’d like to offer a few tips and reminders about caring for your teeth and gums while your’re away from home and your normal routine. Visit the Dentist Before You Leave Home The last thing you want while you and your family are relaxing [...]

2805, 2019

Defeating Bad Breath

Bad Breath is the ‘Kill-Joy’ of Social Interaction Imagine sitting in the middle of a date, an interview, or a party with friends and realizing your breath is far from minty-fresh. We’ve all been there. Everything seems to be going along just fine and all a sudden our confidence is defeated and the event turns as sour as our breath. But why do we get bad breath and what can [...]

2903, 2019

Some Facts About Root Canals

There’s an old cliché; “That’s worse than getting a root canal”, sometimes expressed as, “I’d rather have a root canal than….”. Don’t worry, any dental technique that may have spawned these phrases is long gone. Having a root canal is not the painful, stressful, procedure you might think. Let’s take a look at some of the myths surrounding root canals and discover the truth. Myth: Getting a Root Canal is [...]

2901, 2019

Introduction to Veneers

Some of us have teeth that are not as white or as close to perfection as we would like them to be. Perhaps a tooth has been chipped or fractured. In some cases, teeth may have become discolored from age, smoking, or the beverages we drink. Veneers are a terrific, long-lasting solution for making your smile bright and beautiful. What are Veneers and How do They Work? Veneers are very [...]

2801, 2019

What to do About a Toothache

A toothache can strike without apparent notice, sometimes at the most inopportune times – at the beginning of the weekend or over the holidays. But no matter when that pain starts, having a toothache is no fun. Causes of a Toothache The most common reason for a toothache is decay, often a simple cavity, but a cavity isn’t the only reason a [...]

2712, 2018

Sugars Come in Many Guises

Pie, ice cream, sodas, and cake are some of the foods that come to mind when we think about the sugar we get in our diet. But many foods we may not think of as sweet also contain sugars, often hidden behind unclear and complicated labeling. Unfortunately, no matter under what name they hide, these sugars have the same negative effect on our oral health as those found in any [...]