Dental Emergency

While dental emergencies are rare, they do happen and it’s important to know we are here for you.

If you are confronted with such a situation, call our emergency phone number.  Our on-call staff will be happy to assist you.  We are here to help, any time of the day, any day of the week.

We are open on Saturdays!

Your dental health is important to us and we will do everything we can to ensure you are treated as soon as possible.

Some common dental emergencies area:

  • Broken Jaw
  • Broken Tooth
  • Severely Cracked Tooth
  • Locked Jaw
  • Severe Toothache
  • Tooth Knocked Out
  • Object Caught in Teeth

If you cannot reach us during an emergency, please call 911.

Emergency Dental Care

Contact our dental office and make an appointment. We are here to help.

CALL US (802) 878-5591

Meet Your Dentists

Excellent care every time! Dr Mackay and his entire staff is knowledgeable, kind, patient, and trustworthy. Highly recommend.


Dr. Feeley, our main dentist, and the entire staff are consistently courteous, attentive and respectful. They very obviously keep up to date with “best practice” assuring that their patients receive the best possible care available.